the smoky edition: seven on seven

This smoky edition of seven on seven is brought to you by the wildfires of the west. Here in the Klamath Basin we seem to be the smoke repository. No kidding, most actual fires are two more more hours away except for the one that happened by our piano teacher's street ... or the one I could see out my kitchen window just a half mile down the road, but those were little and out within hours. 

But if you look at the air quality maps, there is a little bubble of orange --> red --> maroon (hazardous = 324 two days ago) over Klamath Falls which is putting a bit of a damper on our summer plans. Pools are closed. Outdoor activity is not advised. I'm told the smoke season has been starting earlier and lasting longer every year. I read today that one of the fires in California is now officially the worst fire California has ever encountered -- homes destroyed, lives lost. 

I drove past this scene several times after the smoke descended and finally stopped the other day. Traffic was whipping by behind me and electricity was crackling above me. But these images caught my eye.

power lines
smoky river
power lines and smoke