adventuring at lake eklutna

We've been living in our snow pants lately. Whether or not there is snow on the ground, most everything is covered in frost and everybody seems happier when all their parts and bits are nice and toasty.

We drove up to Eklutna Lake just to get outside the other day. The boys resisted at first but guess who didn't want to leave? They quickly busied themselves ice cutting (thank you, Frozen) and stick gathering and log crossing and just generally enjoying themselves outside in a pretty dang pretty setting. The blues are so blue, but there was something about the textures in the muted browns were really catching my eye. Not my typical photo share, but then Alaska is not your typical place. 

beauty in the breakdown at lake eklutna a landscape image by tara romasanta
reflected mountain at lake eklutna alaska by lifestyle phtoographer tara romasanta
why so glum, chum?

why so glum, chum?

a hint of a smile.

a hint of a smile.

frozen grasses
monochromatic log and grasses
smiling boys at lake eklutna
mirror reflection at lake eklutna

Homer Alaska story featured on Steller

Are you on Steller? Steller is my new favorite app and not just because they're featuring this story in their PLACES collection. I like the aesthetic, the ease of use, the ability to tell a story with a set of images, rather than just one.

Let me know if you're on Steller so I can follow you!